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    Hi , i’m testing the plugin for some customer.

    I would like it to offer it to my customer, because after a talk with a paypal account, until December for the use of this plugin PayPal Express Checkout  there is a commission discount of up to 1.7%.

    I installed the plugin and would like to use it only at the Checkout Page level.

    Two considerations:

    In the quick cart.

    The PAYPAL BUTTON appears only in step 4 PAYMENT METHOD (it should be invisible because there is already the choice of payment methods, and in step 5 PAYMENT INFORMATION - PAYPAL BUTTON IS NOT VISIBLE.( it should be). (Could you implement these corrections?).

    In the normal shopping cart
    The PAYPAL BUTTON , similarly appears both in /paymentmethod URL and correctly in the next step /paymentinfo URL.

    In this case I solved with Jquery:

        $ (document) .ready (function () {
            var windowURL = window.location.href;
            if (windowURL.indexOf ('paymentmethod')> -1) {
                $ ('# paypal-expresscheckout-button'). css ('display', 'none');

    </ Script>

    Hiding in the step /paymentmethod PAYPAL BUTTON.

    Thank you for your attention.

    2 years ago

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