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    My site is on 4.1 now. I downloaded the plugin again. Installed the 4.1 version. Still the same error. If you'd like a TeamViewer session please email me.

    2 years ago


    The new release still doesn't work. My gut tells me the plugin isn't installing properly because of this error:

    2 years ago

    Checking this box no longer does anything:

    Because we have a bunch of blank IP's here:

    I've uninstalled the plugin, cleared cache, re-installed, cleared cache again. Still having those issues. I tried blocking my phone's IP address and that doesn't do anything.

    Thanks for the help.

    2 years ago

    Hey everyone.

    We had this plugin working perfectly fine in 3.9. I upgraded our site to nop 4.0 yesterday and now it's broken. I've uninstalled it completely, re-installed the 4.0 version of the plugin. The install goes just fine, I enter our serial number, that works. But when I create and IP rules they don't work. It doesn't block blank IP4 addresses. The "anti hacker" area has an error message of "was not found or does not implement icontroller". I've enabled debugging in the plugin config area and there is nothing in the log indicating any problems. There are also no messages in the nop commerce log.

    The site is hosted using Azure web apps.

    2 years ago

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