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    Reply from PayPal..

    That's not an example request, it's only the code for your plugin.

    As I mentioned, if your passing the state within your SetExpressCheckout request, it will be recorded within the EC token and thus retrievable later. Check your logs for the requests your plugin is submitting to determine if a value for state is being passed.

    2 years ago

    Hi again,

    This is the reply from PayPal...

    Please provide an example of the SetExpressCheckout request that your submitting. The reason the UK isn't listed on the page you referenced, is that for those countries it is required to pass values for the "PAYMENTREQUEST_n_SHIPTOSTATE" field, but for other countries which are not listed it is not a requirement.
    If your passing this variable and a value in your SetExpressCheckout API request, it should be passed and recorded for that transaction and stored in the token which is returned as a result of the SetExpressCheckout API request.

    2 years ago


    Just a quick query regarding the PayPal Express plugin for nopCommerce (in this instance, 3.90).

    The plugin works fine, although I've noticed that the State / Province (County in the UK) isn't being added to either the billing, or shipping address? Obviously for shipping, this is an issue.

    Any ideas?

    2 years ago

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