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    Hi Alex,

    This method PrepareCategoryModel is taking us an averaged of 17 seconds to complete.

    Is there any way this to be optimized?  



    one year ago

    When I click the "Test Plugin Operation..." button

    What should be my next action if I see these:

    GetProductManufacturersByProductId(30,false) - Error: 1=productmanufacturers.count()=0
    GetProductManufacturersByProductId(30,true) - Error: 1=productmanufacturers.count()=0
    GetProductManufacturerById(2) - Error:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    PrepareManufacturerModel() - Error:Value cannot be null. Parameter name: manufacturer

    Does it mean I need to add at least one manufacturer and assign it to at least one product, to make the plugin perform better?  We make our own products, so there is really no manufacturer for us.


    2 years ago


    May I know which stored procedure(s) loads the Categories for NOP's Category Model.

    For performance, we will update the stored procedure to exclude Child Categories from a certain ParentCategoryID.


    2 years ago

    Thanks. Not urgent.  It was more of a FYI, when you get a chance to work on it.

    2 years ago

    The update in the URL validator works.

    FYI:  The StoreId is missing in the Import/Export utility.

    2 years ago

    The comment works great.  Tested the IMPORT/EXPORT as well - they work.

    2 years ago

    I'm getting a "The request Url has wrong character" warning when I attempt to save this valid format on the Request URL:


    Also, having a classic ASP page on the request does not seem to work.  Try adding baseball/index.asp on the Request Url and redirect it to any nop page.  The plugin will save the record, but when you test it - the page get's a 404.  This could be an IIS setup issue and not necessarily nop.

    2 years ago

    If performance is an issue, then we can drop it.

    The comment was more for note-taking.  An admin creating a redirect would like to remember the reason why they did created it.

    2 years ago

    Can we add a comment/notes column on the list of URLs?

    2 years ago

    The store is not being saved.  I'm using 3.9

    2 years ago

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