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    we have another question / use case regarding the NopFeedManager (for NopCommerce v4.2).

    For our products we have a quite simple structure of shipping costs.

    By default we have a shipping fee of 5.90 € per order. If a product sales price is >= 150.00 €, it is shipped free to the customer. For doing so we check the shopping carts subtotal and apply a discount of 5.90 € (on shipping fee), so the customer does not have to pay for shipment.

    Currently for every product exported to the Google feed shipping cost is 0.00 €. This is obviously wrong and implies on Google Shopping Ads always 'shipped free'.

    Is there an option to apply e.g. a rule on the feed items like:

    If price < 150.00 € then shipping fee = 5.90 €
    else shipping fee = 0.00 €

    Setting shipping costs on each product is not an option for us, because we have more than 1.500 items, the 150,00 € limit occasionally changes. The shipping fee also changes occasionally.

    Any ideas for a simple solution or the required feed settings?

    2 years ago

    Works! Thank you so much!

    2 years ago

    Ok, got it. 40.92 EUR is a tier price on the product which is valid for a certain customer role, only.

    Can we prevent the export by removing

        <FeedCaption>Special price</FeedCaption>
        <Prefix />
        <DefaultValue />
        <Suffix />
        <ConvertValues />
        <CharsLimit />

    from google.xml

    2 years ago

    Thank you for fixing this so fast! The regular price is exported correctly now, but...

    ... we noticed another issue.

    The product mentioned and linked above has a "strikethrough" price.
    Means: The current sales price is 49,95 EUR. The recommened retail price (the strikethrough price) is 64,95 EUR.

    In the Google feed we see this:

    <g:price>49.95 EUR</g:price>
    <g:sale_price>40.92 EUR</g:sale_price>

    We have no clue, how the 40.92 EUR is generated...

    Any ideas?

    2 years ago


    we've recently upgraded to NopCommerce v4.2 and installed the FeedManager Plugin matching that version.

    When generating feed files we noticed a strange behaviour of the plugin on products with attribute combinations. In our case neoprene suits with attributes for choosing the right size (e. g. S, M, L, XL, XXL).

    The price exported to the feed file is doubled compared to the current price in the shop.

    We were able to reproduce this on a feed for Google Shopping as well as
    This does not happen on simple products without attribute combinations.

    Two links for reproduction:

    Any ideas?

    2 years ago

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