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    The plugin is showing InStock even if the stock quantity is zero, track inventory is on. The plugin version is 1.28 for nop version 4.3

    1 year ago
    New idea

    A much useful value in this plugin would be to add a column with the count of number of times the URL with 404 error has been called.

    The count will help make a decision about what to do with the URL, do a 301 redirect to similar product/category or leave it with a 404 error (page not found or old product page).

    2 years ago


    Sorry for troubling you again, In the Meta Tag Manager the token %name% does not work for the following

        Blog Post Tag Page
        Article One Page
        Blog One Page
        News One Page.

    Ideally the tag %name% should contain the name of the page or the Tag in case of Blog Post Tag Page, Can this be fixed.

    2 years ago

    Any specific reason why in the product data only one image is there in the json data. Just like reviews if there are more than one image for the product, then all the images should be there in the JSON-LD structured data.

    3 years ago

    Thanks a lot for this change.

    3 years ago

    This giving errors for products where there is no reviews, empty aggregateRating will give the below errors, please check

    ratingCount - 0 (The value provided for ratingCount must be a positive value.)
    cancelreviewCount - 0 (The value provided for reviewCount must be a positive value.)
    Your review rating value was out of the provided range.

    3 years ago

    Is there a plugin for ver 3.8?
    Will it show the correct path if the 'Multiple thumb directories' is enabled in media settings?

    3 years ago

    I use a license version of Pagespeed tool for some years now. Details pf the plugin below.

    My Website URL :
    Nopcommerce Version : 3.8
    Google Pagespeed Tools : 1.23

    I recently updated the pagespeed plugin to the latest version and after that, all my AMP pages are showing error bcos pagespeed tool is doing all the modifications to the AMP pages also which it does to the regular pages. The regular pages are fine but AMP page throw error in AMP validation by Google Search Console (I am still not sure how it was working all these years before updation to the recent version).

    Generally the AMP pages are identified by a directory structure in the URL(like, in my case the AMP pages start with

    So if the regular page on my website is
    then corresponding AMP page is

    Is there some way I can tell Pagespeed plugin not to do anything if the url starts with or by using a wildcard character like*

    In the current form I am not able to use the plugin at all. Hope I was explain the situation.

    3 years ago

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