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    Thank you, it works

    But the @model like

                "language": "@Model.Language",
                "country": "@Model.Country",

    Is compiled in code, or can It be also set in a nop setings?

    one year ago

    I have installed the plugin and configured it but its not showing up in my shipping method list when I try to checkout a product.
    How can I test it out to see if it will work for us and where can I find documentation on how to use the plugin?


    one year ago


    the paypal Plus modul shows the options of the paypal service on checkout process. But all Messages are coming out in English instead of german.

    Whats to to, to tell the plugin to request german messages from Paypal?

    one year ago


    i have installed the plugin for seo optimization rich cards. This one is only global, which of course is better than nothing. But I would wish if you could determine the text to be used. We have the main part of the description in the short text and in the long description below very individual things like for example the minimum requirements.

    The next one is that the plugin uses Twitter entries, but we don't have Twitter.

    Another thing is when you have several languages. The plugin then gets the English text, but in the links specified in rich cards, the"/en/" or the"/it/" language extension is not specified.

    Best regards


    one year ago

    Because of missing table „FNS_Payment“,  i looked in the Management Studio, and ist right, table not their.

    Any idea?

    one year ago

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