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    Hi, should be possible to update UpdatedOnUtc field when a product price or one of his tier prices are changed?

    5 years ago

    The logic of the  plugin is changed in the simple import or in the general import?

    5 years ago

    ok i'm buying the plugin so you could proceed with the upgrade

    5 years ago

    Ok , perfect.
    Only one confirm then i'll place my order: following your example product 4 that is not in the csv won't be touched, is it rigt?

    5 years ago

    when you are writing
    "Be carefully if plugin sees tier price in csv file plugin will delete ALL old tier prices and saves new tier prices from the file."
    you are talking about deleting all tier prices of the products in the csv, is right? The tier price for the products that aren't in the csv won't be deleted, is right?

    5 years ago

    Great, it works.
    Now should be possible to implement a new import method with the same logic?
    I mean that we have the export with all coordinates for tier price: roleid, quantity, price
    so i can imagine that the plugin should be able to process the file like an option "Update tier Price integrally by file" that could search the tier price that is in hte file by roleid and quantity and update that price if a record is found and add a new record in the tier price table if there is not any corrispondace.
    What do you think about?
    Obviously i'll buy the plugin still if you won't do this kind of function but it will be great for my customer to have it with the target of getting update work really easy and maybe with some automation into the erp

    5 years ago

    subject tier price role export and import

    your plugin is great but i need a step more.
    I need to keep track of the role in tier price as it is in the basic nopcommerce's structure.
    I mean if could be possible get this info in the csv export and maybe in having the same in the import.

    my csv product is like this but tier price are about the same qty but different roles

    so it will be great if i'll could get something like


    where 12 and 13 are the roleid's of the tier price.
    I hope that my example is understandable.

    5 years ago

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