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    So, as I understand, the plugin looks at the Shipping method and checks for the string 'UPS' or 'USPS' or 'DHL' or 'FedEx' , etc....and then the plugin checks to see if the package was delivered.  

    3 years ago

    I think I discovered the issue.  Some of the USPS tracking number have spaces in them, and those are not marked as delivered, although they have been delivered.  Is there a way to make the plugin remove white spaces in the middle of the tracking number?  One of the USPS tracking numbers is: 9405 5036 9930 0000 .....

    Another one without spaces is marked as delivered.

    However, I think the Scheduled Task runs every day, but doesn't check the UPS tracking numbers.  I'll get back to you.  I have 2 UPS packages scheduled to be delivered by Friday.  I will check and see if the plugin automatically marks them as delivered.

    Thank you for your support!

    3 years ago


    I've been using the plugin for a few weeks.
    I notice that some packages are not automatically being marked as delivered and some of them are.  Is there a way to check to make sure things are working correctly?  
    I am on nopCommerce 4.00.

    3 years ago

    I just purchased the Related Products on Blog posts, and it's a great plugin.  I am wondering if it can also do the reverse, display the related blog posts on the product page?


    4 years ago

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