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Profile: stroka


    Is possible to integrate Request form with reCaptcha protection? Now, the form is not protected from bots.

    4 months ago


    We use your plugin on Multistore WebShop and we found that info about storeId, where customer is registered is not saved to Customer record.
    Is any way how to achive these? For us is that info very important.

    Best regards

    7 months ago


    Today we receive info from facebook that API version used for facebook login will be depreceted. Do you maybe know what will happen? Do we need plugin update?

    Here is the notification info:

    8 months ago


    Does anyone know if google login working. We have Nop version 4.1 and enable google login but without success.
    response error from google: An error occurred when retrieving user information (Forbidden). Please check if the authentication information is correct and the corresponding Google API is enabled

    I follow the documenation
    (create credentials. enable google+ API).

    Best regards

    11 months ago


    We have been noticed from facebook that our login APP need to be updated for some security reasons. We updated Client OAuth Settings => Use Strict Mode for Redirects URIs to Yes.
    After change these setting facebook login won't work anymore and facebook won't allow to turn off these settings.

    Please for some tips if is any way to resolve these. OUR nopCommerce version is 3.50

    Best regards

    one year ago

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