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    Got it
    Thanks we will check and update you

    8 months ago

    yes sir got your point ,
    ok let me check with the fresh code and update you

    what if we needed to work the same project ?

    8 months ago

    let me check your Plugin with Fresh code with 3.90 if still not work then will update you

    and if we need in the same version of code you plugin should be work
    so you guys need to modify the code correct?

    one more thing we didn't change the customization in Controller yes we did change customization in service

    as per my experience , if you did override this service in your plugin then only we can face this issue

    8 months ago

    Yes, we have changed and customized the code
    so that is the reason that not working?
    I will check with the fresh code

    meanwhile, what is the solution for that suggestion or idea?

    8 months ago

    IPagedList<Customer> GetAllCustomers(DateTime? createdFromUtc = null,
                DateTime? createdToUtc = null, int affiliateId = 0, int vendorId = 0,
                int[] customerRoleIds = null, string email = null, string username = null,
                string firstName = null, string lastName = null,
                int dayOfBirth = 0, int monthOfBirth = 0,
                string company = null, string phone = null, string zipPostalCode = null,
                string ipAddress = null, bool loadOnlyWithShoppingCart = false, ShoppingCartType? sct = null,
                int pageIndex = 0, int pageSize = int.MaxValue, bool isOrderByQoute = false)

    Yes but it has only "isOrderByQoute " only one parameter is added

    did you guys had override this service?
    so that is the reason its not worked ?

    8 months ago

    Hello sir
    I have verified we didn't do any customization in the above services
    "Check the class CustomerService, method GetAllCustomers.
    Check the list of parameters."

    not added did any extra parameters not do any customization
    so whats wrong in that
    can you guide me ,or provide the latest plugin so can check that
    waiting for your response

    8 months ago

    No sir , we didn't change anything in that
    if possible can you provide us the new plugin of 3.90
    if needed any trouble shoot then we are available for remote also

    please let me know about this


    8 months ago

    Updating the above ticket
    As I am trying to generate the feed I am facing this issue and copied from system log
    I am using 3.90 version

    please update me as soon as possible
    Thanks in advance

    8 months ago

    I have Install the Feed manager Plugin in 3.90
    I have review this video also
    but still my product are not sync with google any reason
    even I can't see any sync

    can you please guide me where I am doing wrong

    8 months ago

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