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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have enabled the debugging but will have to wait until it happens again.  The order it occurred on has been processed now (we have a processor in place that downloads the orders from NOP and imports them into our till/inventory control system.


    3 months ago

    I am evaluating the eBay connector and the first 3 orders where imported correctly.  The forth order had 1 item @ £19.99 x 2 yet it was imported into NOP with a value of £10.00 (correct product.  The SKU and price are correct on both NOP and eBay and I can see nowhere this value of £10 came from.  

    I have checked for deleted records with the same SKU, none exist.
    None of the fields on this product listing or NOP record hold a value of 10.00.
    If I download the order using the eBay Trading API it shows the correct value of 19.99

    I have checked everything I can think of but nothing looks incorrect.  Just wonder of anyone could throw any suggestions my way?


    3 months ago

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