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    loulou wrote:

    I installed the free version to test.  I put in the API Key for canada post.  When I check delivery status, all it says is it is not delivered.  What am I missing here?

    Is it possible that the package really has not been delivered yet?

    4 years ago

    I'd suggest that you modify one of your images and use a program called iMacros (or similar) to record all of the actions. Then you can run a batch and do all your images at the same time with very little effort.

    4 years ago

    Oops..I accidentally clicked SUBMIT...

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    It will also be good for SEO because this allows us to pass "link juice" from a popular article page to an unpopular article page.

    4 years ago

    2. I think this is a good idea.

    On some sites where you read about one thing, they will have links like:

    See also:  otherarticlename, anotherarticlename, stillanotherarticlename

    4 years ago


    Maybe for a future release of this plugin, you can make it possible for admins to map content blocks to particular Articles (if they also use the Articles plugin). The interface can just be a new tab exactly like how we can map to products, categories, or manufacturers.

    The nopContents plugin already allows to select article_top or article_bottom widgetzone for the content block, so I think it would be a very useful feature.

    4 years ago

    Thank you. This will really help us to manage our PPC ad campaigns!

    5 years ago

    I think that this formula finds profit margin:

    X = Cost
    Y = Price
    Z = Y minus X
    ProfitMargin = Z divided by X

    and this formula finds profit margin percentage:

    X = Cost
    Y = Price
    Z = Y minus X
    P = Z divided by X
    ProfitMargin = P multiplied by 100

    ..some admins may prefer profit margin percentage..I don't know.

    5 years ago

    Support wrote:

    I have question about possible values for Profit Margin


    or only integer values?

    That's funny..after my post, I also asked our Adwords campaign manager the same thing.
    I thought maybe they would want to see it like:  10%
    ..but they said the decimal values are better for them.

    5 years ago

    Hello again-

    We are working with Google Adwords which uses the same feed as the Google Shopping program.
    Our campaign manager has asked if it is possible for other options to appear in the drop-down box of the Field Name column.
    Each of these new features would allow for better Google AdWords management.

    This first Field Name option they want to include in the feed is "Product Cost."

    The second new option they want is "Profit Margin." It would be a derived value using a formula.
    This is the formula:

    X = Cost
    Y = Price
    Z = Y minus X
    Profit Margin = Z divided by X
    (result is a percentage value which we will pass-through using a custom_label_0-4 feed column in the feed)

    5 years ago

    I replaced all files again and recycled my application pool. Now everything is working perfectly!

    Thanks Alex!

    5 years ago

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