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    2 years ago

    I understand that is the case when both instances run in parallel.

    However i can stop instance1 completly, restart instance2 and it still throws the mentioned errors.

    2 years ago

    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    3.9 still uses InstalledPlugins.txt. I did copy that already to 2nd server after install on first. Otherwise plugin would not activate on that 2nd server.
    It does and it throws said errors.

    Multiple instances:
    Why would it be a problem? Nop 3.7 added WebFarms.MultipleInstancesEnabled configuration to make sure scheduled tasks are ran only at one node at a time.

    Best regards Martin

    2 years ago

    NopCommerce 3.9 and this Plugin version:

    Group: Promotion feeds
    FriendlyName: Feed Manager
    SystemName: FoxNetSoft.Plugin.Feed.Manager
    Version: 1.70
    SupportedVersions: 3.90
    Author: FoxNetSoft
    DisplayOrder: 1
    FileName: FoxNetSoft.Plugin.Feed.Manager.dll

    2 years ago

    I have 2 servers with identical Nopcommerce setup.
    Loadbalancing uses one and the other only in case the first one is down.
    They share the same Database. I dropped the FeedManager Plugin on both Servers Plugin directory and installed an server1. Success.
    On Server2 however every configuration page of FeedManager fails with the following erros in log:

    The controller for path '/Admin/Feeds/List' was not found or does not implement IController.  
    Resource string (admin.foxnetsoft.plugin.feed.manager.feed.list.enablescheduler) is not found. Language ID = 2

    I tried uninstalling on server1 and installing on server2. Whatever i do it always only successfully works on server 1.
    they share the same code and the same database and both have status installed on the plugin. any idea how to troubleshoot this?

    Best regards

    2 years ago

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