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    Support wrote:

    1. Open the feed template and select the third tab. Enable "Export product attribute combination".
    2. Add the token for field Size(Color) - product attribute 'Size(Color)'
    3. Add the restriction - quantity>0

    Create the feed file.

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately your suggestion does not solve our problem. If we enable 'export product attribute combination', the feed will generate different products for each product attribute combination value (with different id as well).
    We just need to export one product and include comma separated attribute values, but only those that are in stock. We need the stock quantity of the product attribute combination, not the main product's quantity. In the 'Requirements' tab, we create a restriction for Quantity>0, but it seems to ignore the product attribute combination's stock quantity!
    It would help a lot if in the "Product rule requirement type" we had also the option for 'Product Attributes' apart from the 'Specification Attributes'. Do you plan to include 'Product Attributes' as rule requirement types in the future?

    1 year ago

    Hi, we have purchased the Feed Manager plugin and want to do the following configuration.
    We use various product attributes for the size of each product (e.g. clothes size: M, L, XL, XXL, etc.) and we want to export those products that have 'stock quantity' > 0 in at least one of the product attribute values.
    Furthermore, we want the attribute values to be exported as comma separated values, but only include those values that have 'stock quantity' > 0.
    For example if there is quantity for M, L and XL but not for XXL, then include as comma separated values only the 3 first.

    1 year ago

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