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    Thanks, I checked the google one. I can see the quantity now.  Thankyou

    12 days ago

    Also the facebook template is not generating, it only generates the header.

    12 days ago

    I tried clearing cache, in memory cache and restarting app pool as well. I also checked the file generated at the file system. But its not generating stock quantity.

    12 days ago

    I tried the latest release but still not generating the stock quantity.

    Actually we need it for Facebook / Instagram feeds and it is required to have stock quantity of the product. I tried generating Facebook Ad Feed but that dosen't seems to be working.

    12 days ago

    Using google.xml template
    - I want to add default stock quantity in the template, but dosen't seems to be working

    14 days ago

    Hi We have purchased the plugin for nop 4.2. Trying to add stock quantity in the feed for google xml feed. added the field in the template but not reflected in generated field.

        <ConvertValues />

    16 days ago

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